Ways to Recover Scammed Bitcoins that Have Been Proven

2 min readFeb 23, 2022


Bitcoin and digital currency’s widespread acceptance is at an all-time high. A large number of digital currency speculation tricks and cryptographic money tricks have been created as a result of this. Also rising in popularity are parallel choice strategies, currency tactics, venture strategies and so on.
There are a lot of bogus digital money speculation websites, as well as bogus parallel options and forex representations. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as rival FX ventures, have cheated many investors out of their money (and continue to do so). In order to recover fraudulent bitcoin, digital currency, as well as assets that have been lost to paired choices forex or speculating techniques, what should you do?

Following the three steps outlined below, you are certain to obtain your stolen assets back.

1.)Work with an expert in the field of money recovery

One way to go about this is to enlist the help of highly qualified and highly recommended rehabilitation professionals. If you decide to use the second option of hiring an asset recovery expert to recover your defrauded bitcoin, make sure you select the finest available option. It is possible to keep track of all bitcoin and cryptographic money trades with a digital currency subsidy master.
So that you may properly recover your lost assets and money from paired choices swapping as well as money lost to various forms of an online venture trick, this will ensure that you acquire all you desire.

2.)Report to IOT SPY NET.com if you have any issues

Contact IOTSPYNET.com in order to gather information for a report. BrokerComplaintAlert makes it simple to file a complaint. All you have to do is go to their website, fill out the form, and they’ll take care of the rest.
A third-party organization, IOTSPYNET, assists victims of financial fraud by helping them hunt down and recover stolen bitcoin, digital currency, money lost due to parallel trading options, assets lost due to FX middlemen, and any other sorts of financial fraud.

3.)Insist on a Refund or Chargeback

A chargeback is the simplest way to get your money back if you’ve fallen for a paired choices scam. Chargebacks are a simple and effective way to get your money back from your credit card company or bank. Giving a chargeback relieves you of the burden of keeping track of the parallel options in your business.
If everything else is equal, you may simply work out an agreement with your card issuer or bank, and they will handle any communications with the entity that led you astray. It is possible to win the case straight out of the gate using chargebacks. Card-guarantor/bank agrees in principle with your chargeback and then it is up to the trader (the organization that scammed you) to prove to the card-guarantor/satisfaction. bank’s




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