Can we hire hackers?

3 min readMar 5, 2022

For example, an ethical hacker on the Internet of Things may be hired for for $5. “White hats” assist safeguard your website from harmful assaults by finding and repairing security weaknesses.

In what appears to be a hack, NVIDIA, the computer behemoth best known for its high-end GPUs, has been compromised. In response to media stories emphasizing the occurrence, the company said that it was looking into it.

Bridgestone Americas Inc. has lately been the victim of a cyberattack. As a result of the event, the company’s systems were shut down and an inquiry was launched. As of now, we don’t know what kind of attack it is.

Cyberattack against Bridgestone Americas ;

As of February 2022, Bridgestone Americas, the world’s largest manufacturer of tires and automotive parts, has acknowledged that it would be the target of a cyberattack. Founded in 1931, Bridgestone Americas has become one of the world’s largest and oldest tire producers. The company has manufacturing facilities in a number of places across the world. There are several more industrial items made here, such as polyurethane forms for car interiors and seats, rubber tracks for tractors, and wire-blade hoses. After discovering the security compromise, the company immediately launched an investigation, according to several media sites. Taking impacted systems down is one of these strategies.

Update on the NVIDIA Cyberattack

NVIDIA recently acknowledged that it had been the victim of a cybersecurity attack and has now provided further information in its most recent report.

An IT outage occurred on February 23, 2022, according to the company’s public declarations. Numerous users reported service interruptions as a result of this effect. At the time, NVIDIA refused to acknowledge any influence on its business operations.

However, according to NVIDIA official remarks, the company has confirmed that the event affected its systems, and that an inquiry has been launched.

Vulnerability in Android’s Visual Voicemail App

A vulnerability in the Visual Voice Mail program has been disclosed by researcher Chris Talbot, allowing eavesdroppers to listen in on voicemails.

VVM stands for “Visual Voice Mail” (VVM)

Since Android 6.0, Google has included Visual Voice Mail (VVM), which was initially introduced on iOS. As the name suggests, it’s an easy-to-navigate visual representation of your voicemail messages.

Talbot’s write-up reveals that the vulnerability does not often affect the Android OS, as stated by Talbot. Because of how cell carriers use it, it exists. The software has a standard implementation, but Telcos routinely change VVMs, according to Talbot, who developed the program.

The target users’ VVMs may be permanently accessed by an adversary and voice communications can be listened to.

Microsoft’s Cloud Defender Will Work with Google Cloud;

Microsoft has just added Google Cloud compatibility to its Defender for Clouds service. Previously, the program supported Azure and Amazon Web Providers as well as other cloud services (AWS).

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) applications may benefit from the same level of protection provided by Defender for Cloud. One-stop shop for defending most cloud settings develops as a result of this shift.

According to Microsoft, most firms are relying on a multi-cloud approach for cost efficiency and flexibility, which is why they’ve made this announcement.

Microsoft had already announced that it will begin supporting AWS in November of this year. This month, Google Cloud was added to the list of services that will now be supported.




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